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Enhancements - Customizations - Reporting for your Sage 50 Accounting (Peachtree)

Including but not limited to Sage Intelligence and Crystal Reports

cus·tom·ize (your software) ˈkəstəˌmīz/
verb: customize; 3rd person present: customizes; past tense: customized; past participle: customized; gerund or present participle: customizing; verb: customise; 3rd person present: customises; past tense: customised; past participle: customised; gerund or present participle: customising modify (something) to suit a particular individual or task.

The latest version of Sage 50 Accounting Software is better than ever! But do you need more power?

Could you use a software enhancement like lot tracking, multi warehouse locations or barcoding for inventory?

Do you struggle getting reports the way you want them? Do you need a customized report for sales commission? Have you outgrown Sage 50 Accounting?

Current Available Sage 50 Accounting Software Enhancements

Prosoft Enhancement ID Module Sage 50 Enhancement description
AP Accounts Payable Business Intelligence Reporting
BCS Inventory BarCode Module for Sage 50
  Bill of Lading Bill of Lading for Sage 50
BC Barcode labels Barcode lablels for Sage 50
CQMA Custom Quote Margin Analysis Sage Business Intelligence Reporting
FET Federal Excise Tax Crystal Reports
LMS Lot Management System Lot Management System for Sage 50
MA Mailer Sage 50 Mailer
MIL Multiple Inventory Levels / Warehouse Sage 50 multiple inventory warehouse locations
NNP Ninty Nine Price Levels Sage 50 Inventory Price Levels for inventory
PBI Print Bar Code Sage 50 prints bar codes for inventory
PCR Certified Payroll Sage 50 Certified Payrol Reporting
PLI Print Label Inventory Sage 50 prints labels for inventory
RMR Remove Master Record Sage 50 Remove Master Record
SCR Sales Commission Reporting Sage 50 Sales Commission Reporting
SIL Seasonal Inventory Levels Sage 50 Inventory Seasonal Levels
SNK   Sage 50 SNK Enterprises
SSP Special Sales Price Sage 50 Inventory Pricing by Customer
TCE Time Card Entry Sage 50 Time Card Entry
THE Time Card with Job Entry Sage 50 Time Card Entry with Job Cost
UMI Update Master Inventory Record Update Sage 50 item type
UST Unlimited Ship To Sage 50 Unlimited Ship To for Customers
USP Merger of UST Unlimited Ship to and SSP Sage 50 Unlimited Ship to and Special Pricing


Explore Standard Sage 50 Accounting: From easy-to-use accounting to payroll and credit card processing, Sage 50 helps you get more done every day new features to help you simply manage your business.

  • Easier to upgrade your software

    Now updating isn't just easy; it's virtually automatic! Sage 50 will let you know when an update is available, fill in the serial number for you, and automatically downloaded it so your can keep working. Updates are included with your Sage Business Care Plan.

  • More powerful lists

    Now lists are even more powerful because they display the grand total on amount columns.

  • Expanded Add Attachments

    Now you can add any type of file you have so you can create a complete record for every transaction right inside your software, where you need it most.

  • Customizable Lists

    Now lists offer more flexability with personalized date ranges that you select. Simply choose your own custom dates and let the list generate the information you need.

  • Easy order to invoice conversion

    Now you can create an invoice directly from the sales order, complete with all components and special pricing. You'll cut invoicing time in half and get paid faster.

  • Quick copy for maintenance records

    Now easily set up new customers, vendors, and inventory items by copying information from a similar record and then editing it.

  • One-click purchase orders on vendor screens

    Now one click lets you create a purchase order or record a payment to the vendor right from the maintenance screen. It's much faster and more accurate.

  • One-click invoices from customer records

    Now it is just a single click to create a new task right from the customer record - Quote, Sales Order, Sales Invoice or Receipt. You'll save time with every transaction.

  • Receive inventory from the purchase order

    Now you can receive inventory directly from the purchase order. It's much faster and more accurate.

  • Personalize text on emails

    It's easire and faster than ever to email personalized quotes and invoices to your customers. Customize the message, click send, done!

  • Customer Support

    It?s faster and easier to record outstanding customer invoices as paid. This feature reduces the number of steps necessary in receiving money for outstanding invoices and gives you access to all the information you need.

Sage 50 Accounting Updates and Enhancements

Now you can take care of payments and purchases in fewer steps, with fewer screens. With more quick links to information and reports, more critical dates displayed, and more options to pay invoices, Sage 50 delivers an array of time-saving ease-of-use enhancements on the ?Purchase/Receive Inventory? screen.

Sage 50 Accounting Intelligence Reporting

Invoicing new and existing customers is faster than ever, and you have greater insight into customer information on the fly. This enhancement saves you time by not creating invoices for customers with credit issues, and it gives you quick access to related customer information or reports that you might need while creating an invoice. It also displays critical due dates, payment dates, and credit status messages (Ex: Notify Over Limit) display when you select a customer.