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How to record vendor expenses to Sage 50 job costing - Support 800.475.1047

When you are in enter bill or receive inventory data entry screen:

For each line item the last column on the right titled 'job'

Select the job and the phase and/or cost code to which this transaction applies. To do so

  1. In the Job field, click the folder button to display a drop-down list of available jobs, phases, and cost codes (if the job uses them).
  2. Click the folder for the job you want to apply these costs to. This will display the list of phases.
  3. Click the folder for the phase you want. This will display the list of cost codes, if there are cost codes associated with the phase you selected.
  4. Click the cost code you want to select, if necessary. This will close the list of jobs and select that particular job, phase, and cost code.

Purchases of stock and assembly items cannot be applied to a job. These types of inventory items are applied to a job using Inventory Adjustments or Sales Invoicing.

Next we will review how to enter customer sales invoices and payroll hours to a job.

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