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Sage 50 Enhancements

BSR Inc.

Sage 50 Enhancements

BSR Inc. is a leading provider of Sage 50 enhancements, sales, and support. A subsidiary of Accounting Business Solutions by JCS, we have locations in ten cities nationwide and can provide our services both in-house and remotely. To get started with BSR Inc. today, call us at 800-475-1047 or email us at

Sage 50 Consultant

Sage 50 Enhancement Categories

General Ledger

Sage 50 General Ledger Enhancements


Sage 50 Inventory Enhancements

Accounts Payable

Sage 50 Accounts Payable Enhancements


Sage 50 Payroll Enhancements


Sage 50 Utility Enhancements

Accounts Receivable

Sage 50 Accounts Receivable Enhancements

Barcode Scanner

Sage 50 Barcode Scanner Enhancements

BSR Inc.

Full List of Sage 50 Enhancements

Enhancement ID Module Sage 50 Enhancement description
AP Accounts Payable Business Intelligence Reporting
BCS Inventory BarCode Module for Sage 50
  Bill of Lading Bill of Lading for Sage 50
BC Barcode labels Barcode lablels for Sage 50
CQMA Custom Quote Margin Analysis Sage Business Intelligence Reporting
FET Federal Excise Tax Crystal Reports
LMS Lot Management System Lot Management System for Sage 50
MA Mailer Sage 50 Mailer
MIL Multiple Inventory Levels / Warehouse Sage 50 multiple inventory warehouse locations
NNP Ninety Nine Price Levels Sage 50 Inventory Price Levels for inventory
PBI Print Bar Code Sage 50 prints bar codes for inventory
PCR Certified Payroll Sage 50 Certified Payroll Reporting
PLI Print Label Inventory Sage 50 prints labels for inventory
RMR Remove Master Record Sage 50 Remove Master Record
SCR Sales Commission Reporting Sage 50 Sales Commission Reporting
SIL Seasonal Inventory Levels Sage 50 Inventory Seasonal Levels
SNK   Sage 50 SNK Enterprises
SSP Special Sales Price Sage 50 Inventory Pricing by Customer
TCE Time Card Entry Sage 50 Time Card Entry
THE Time Card with Job Entry Sage 50 Time Card Entry with Job Cost
UMI Update Master Inventory Record Update Sage 50 item type
UST Unlimited Ship To Sage 50 Unlimited Ship To for Customers
USP Merger of UST Unlimited Ship to and SSP Sage 50 Unlimited Ship to and Special Pricing
BSR Inc.

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BSR Inc. by Accounting Business Solutions by JCS has been a leading provider of QuickBooks and Sage software support and training services since 1987, helping thousands of small businesses just like yours maximize their efficiency and cut costs. To get started with Sage 50, call us today at 800-475-1047 or email us at

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